Monday Dev Stream Special Edition

The upcoming content update will feature Factions! But that is not all! Brace yourself for a special edition of Dirty Bomb’s dev stream on Monday, 19th. Check it out over at Twitch! When does it start? UTC/GMT: 18:00 – 19:30 EDT: […]


New Fine Tuning Patch October 2015

New Feature: Loadout Trade-In (Beta) Have a few Loadout cards you don’t want to use, but don’t want to bump up the rarity? The new Loadout Trade-In system will let you trade in three cards of the same rarity, from […]


8 – 3 rekt

The one vs one happened. RaZoRWoW challenged Myself (potty) to a 1vs1 on Dirtybomb. However, he wanted to take it to his game on csgo. The outcome   8 – 3 reckttktkt. Rematch on Dirtybomb to come shortly!


Evaczone Giveaway!

In the past evaczone has always prided itself on it’s giveaways. Well today I am pleased too announce a few small give aways to the public and members. I am currently working hard behind the scene to try get more […]


Brand new Website!

Welcome back to evaczone! I have frantically been trying to restore much of what I managed to “cock” up but I am finally back on track to fixing things. There will be a lot of changes around the site, as […]